playing telephone never left kindergarden and miserbale people are great at playing it

People brake up happy homes everday with something as easy as a rumor , something someone will do to get a rise out of someone to make them feel better about themselves. Selfish much? Then there’s assumptions that stems off a rumor, of course where there’s a rumor there’s doubt. Then there’s accusations. Where then the person has to defend or reassure this “rumor” isn’t true. When someone starts a rumor about me I don’t let it effect me because I know what the truth is and well, I don’t like lies. Secrets. My conscience is somewhat bigger then my heart. What most people don’t know is that, this rumor you start can ruin someone’s life. Why? Why? Why? To me its simple, their life is lacking what yours has and that’s loyalty honor and respect and well jeeze if one doesn’t have that then the other will secretly be breaking you down in many ways and most of the time while smiling in your face. Then there’s that moment when reality sets its self in, they do something completely out of line and you (if your as real as I am) will speak apon it not so ignorantly but perfectly justible enough to get your point across. To those oh so poor pathetic ones whom find misery so comforting and feeling as though you are attacking them will and I promise will hit you at any lowest point, to ruin what ever is most important to you. So to those miserable people, you won’t be miserable forever, and may god have mercy on you because since you didn’t think before you acted out with just a simple lie, and ruined someone’s life, it can easily happen to you. I’m proud to say my loyalty will and always will stay intact and would never speak of nothing but the truth. My advice to you my dear impossibly miserable people, stop wollowing in your own self petty and get it together and THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.


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