Stabilization, a once in a life time miracle

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and felt a magnetic force purring into your soul? After many and when i say many i am talking two decades now of mental and physical abuse I found my self standing completely drunk yet momentarily sober when the force between our eyes met. The most powerful and intense yet gentle feeling i have ever had see right through my hurt. Sounds crazy saying this seeing how i was completely intoxicated, but believe it or not we are still together to this day. Our days are not much anything in any form of normal, but who can really say what normal is? We both come from painful past yet we both seek the same things in our future, embellished in each other’s dreams and goals. Obstacle, challenges, bumps in the road have no impact on our love. We are indestructible. This is rare. To know i wont be hurt and to know i would never in my life do anything to compromise or tear him away from anything then who he truly is. A beautiful person i must say. A beautiful giving soul. A once in a life time miracle.


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