Trapped in a Bottle?

Surely it is hard to understand what one is going through unless we are having that same exact feeling at the same exact moment, rarely this happens. Yes they can have some sort of understanding, more like empathy but to really know you must be in their head thinking all of their thoughts with them, feeling whatever stems from that thought. Rationalizing our thoughts and dealing with them is all different. Why? Well because we all deal with our own problems and situations differently. Take me for instance, I tend to bottle them up and evaluate my self trying to find my own reasoning before exploiting intimate thoughts so they can be judged or analyzed by someone else. I grew up mostly a loner, my own parent, guardian well I just grew up too damn early. For that reason I never had guidance except my own and to this day I have an issue with authority. I believe guidance is very important so don’t think I’m bashing on it, I’ve just trained my body to act, react and think a certain way. That’s why I bottle things in. When I do this I alienate pretty much everyone around me until I have come to my own understanding of whatever I may be feeling or going  through. No one knows us like our selves, no one will. You just have to learn to except people for who they are because we all are going through it…..


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