The beginning of my new year started off belligerently disturbing. In relationships that have what i like to call sore spots can carry some heavy weighted baggage into the new relationship. Hardships in life seem to place an effect on our minds. Not even knowing it we may find our selves thinking a thought that isn’t even real. What this does is that it makes for a complex relationship even if the cliché saying honeymoon stage is over.   The overbearing thoughts can be so hazardous to our partner because we are continuously incautiously taking the weight of our pain out on them. Now im not doctor but I speak from living experiences. What I have learned is that scientifically we have many parts to our brain. Mainly two. We have our mind. Then the brain its self. We don’t realize that our mind can be so deceiving. Its like having the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Who is more convincing? Then as our mind takes over in a post traumatic occurrence spitting fire at our partner, more than likely there would be wood added to the fire because directly in the back of our head there’s something called flight mode, which sends us into this defence mechanism causing more and more fuel to the fire. The end result more than likely is never good. How do we take traumatic events and the pains that our mind are daily spinning around in our heads and differ them from someone who has done nothing relevant to the past? How do we find the tranquility and set free and come together as one and go back to the beginning of our time? Well the answer is you can’t. I sit and make a positive and negative list as i learned to do so after my last abusive relationship. There is no comparison. My partner and I truly love each other without even truly knowing what love is. We both have to move on each day knowing that we made a huge fire one night that only was burned out when there was nothing left to be added. We communicate very well. We both know somethings will now carry on in this relationship and will not be forgotten. Yet inevitably we are so drawn together and our passion beats all the odds. One thing i have learned this new year is that social media can cause so much interruption and we both have gone and are done with facebook for one. For two we are leaving the past where it belongs and that is in the past. There is nothing more tranquil then knowing we are standing side by side looking ahead without a glance behind.  As my first post to 2015 I truly hope people realize that we may be so caught up in our past because of all the energy we put into it and all the years the days and minutes that seem waisted away is nothing but something we needed to learn from. Welcome 2015 and may all be blessed with something new to learn. something new to love. Go beyond the horizon. Go into and find your tranquility. I have found and realized mine.


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