In the world today its rare to find the simple adjective in people, compassion. There is various lengths to which compassion is given and received. I am taken back by the way we all interact and react in this generation. Social media causes such reaction out of people and it immediately implicates one another’s character without even really knowing. The common phrase I see on one particular site I use for communication with distant friends and family is this “STOP COMPLAINING, IM SO SICK OF ALL THE NEGITIVE POSTS!” This is something I see almost on a regular basis. My opinion is instead of reacting to what you feel is so negative is to respond with something positive for instance, “Hope you day gets better” or “I’m thinking of you during this difficult time” That in it self is compassion to what one is going through. We all have the status update to write what ever it is we are feeling our selves. Compassion comes from others reading and reacting in a positive uplifting manner. If only more people in this generation could grasp the true meaning of compassion.

I know it’s been a while since I have blogged, due to medical situations I have personally been going through. I’m hoping to write more now that I’m healing and feeling better.


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