In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cause, Meet Effect.”

As my first blog on this sight i made quite a relation to the factors between love and nature. Its a feeling or emotion being connected to earth. The very soil we walk on needs to breath just like you and me. It gets wet and it drys up. Just like you and me. Very obvious the relations we can make with our life to the relations of Nature. Its a beautiful thing if you can connect your heart to this very emotion I am referring to.



Love is something like water (just a thought) Yesterday i took a walk into our back yard. Its bare trees and the cold creek some where deep into the woods where i was lead. Always found being alone in nature to be my serenity. Maybe once in my life i was a tree or a rock. Who would ever truly know what they once were but i do know one thing, there is nothing more in life that makes me feel more at peace then sitting on a tree stump in the middle of the woods. Just me and nature. As i was walking there was this one area that the sun was beaming down on and something told me to follow into the sun. As i approached there was a old tree i am assuming to be hundreds and hundreds of years old. It just layed there tipped over. I ran my fingers across the roots that were still striving for life. As the Maine winters are the tree its self was so brittle and would fall apart as i touched it. Finding my self in deep conversation with this tree. ( No i am not completely crazy) I cherish all forms of life. This tree once stood tall and embraced us with its ability to create oxygen in which we breath. We all know nature takes its course and it saddened me to see such a beautiful tree just lay there almost begging for its life not for its self because trees are so selfless. They are the givers of life and nature. Without them we would not be able to breathe the air that we take in. We would not be able to survive. I’m sitting here rambling on about this one tree but i feel so deeply and passionate about it. Although i know more trees will grow and the circle of life will continue. After my moment with this beautiful tree i walked over to this huge bolder covered in this beautiful green moss just inches from a creek and you could hear as the water was flowing rather rapidly yet at a pace where ever drip and flow would melt your heart. Again, serenity. And as i sat and watched the creek fight its way through i noticed its a lot like a deep feeling we all have inside of us. Love. Water always finds its way through. Water is indestructible. Whether it be a branch a stump from a tree clusters of fallen leaves or a bolder, the waters makes its way through down the creek. Water doesn’t die. Love doesn’t die. Love should always continue like the current. My eyes were so fascinated by making its way through. So peaceful as it fights what ever battle it may come across. That as i sit there running my finger tips across the crisp flow of the creek, a light breeze chilling my now pinkish cheeks, i came to this conclusion. Love is like nature. Nature is dedication. Loyal to its very purpose. That my readers is Love.